Top 5 Fall & Winter Do’s at The Foundry Park Inn

5 Sep

Fall and Winter are a beautiful time of year here in Athens, but the unpredictable weather can leave some brides with some last minute wedding stress.  Here are our tips for managing the weather (and Athens) this upcoming season:

1. Do buy 3-4 cute matching umbrellas for photos. Even if it rains, you have some cute outside shots!

2. Do consider other downtown Athens Fall & Winter festivities, not only for traffic warnings for guests, but also to give guests some options for activities while they are in town.  Try the Flagpole calendar for shows, art exhibits and special events.

3. Remember the time change!  November 4th at 2:00am.  Consider this when planning late fall and December photo timelines.  It will be getting much darker earlier in the evening.

4. You don’t have to rule out an outdoor ceremony…even in the late fall or early winter!  Passing out cute blankets as favors, hot drink bars, utilizing propane heaters (we have ‘em!) and keeping the ceremony short and sweet will all help to make your dream outdoor ceremony a success.

5. Remember the Wind!  The sun might be shining and the fall leaves may be perfect, but fall wind can quickly undo an outside candle centerpiece.  Be sure that outdoor candles are low in their vases, and that any unity candles used for your outdoor ceremony are covered with hurricane shades.

We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you have your perfect wedding! Give us a call at 706.433.1943 or send us an email!


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