Congrats to the Newly Engaged!

30 Dec

We are officially in the midst of engagement season, and with that comes a flurry of newly engaged couples to the Foundry Park Inn & Spa to check on dates and availability. Picking a date and a venue is one of the first most important things to decide on once you’re a bride-to-be.

Our Summer and Fall dates are filling up quickly, with new inquiries coming in daily. Be sure to visit our website to request more information on rates and availability for your potential wedding date! If you’re on a budget, consider holding your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday (or even a weekday!)

You’ll also want to think about a rough estimate of how many guests will be attending as well as the style of reception you’re planning, as we have several different event spaces that may work for your special day.

Whether it’s a casual and fun dance party at the Melting Point…

melting point wedding

…or a traditional and formal reception in our Foundry Ballroom, our venue boasts several unique spaces to fit your personalities.

Athens Ga Wedding at The Foundry Park Inn & Spa - Sara Wise Photography

Happy Wedding Planning!


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