10th Annual Bridal Open House & Menu Tasting Vendor Spotlight: Deborah’s Specialty Cakes

25 Feb

Leading up to our 10th Annual Bridal Show & Tasting, we would like to shine a light on our wonderful vendors. Today we present a little of what Deborah’s Specialty Cakes has to offer. We hope you will plan to join us on March 2nd to see how 20+ vendors can make sure your wedding is the best day of your life!

“Deborah’s Specialty Cakes is excited to be part of the Foundry Park Inn’s Annual Bridal Open House again this year!

Deborah’s delights in making your cake unique and delicious. This isn’t just a job to me, it’s my creative outlet and something I love to do. I can’t think of a more wonderful thing than to be a part of people’s special moments, and being Italian means the best way to do that is with food, of course!! Each cake is the result of in-depth consultations with you. I like to get to know you, get to know your personality a little. Once I get a feel for what it is you are looking for I do a sketch and we use that as our working model.  The end result of this careful attention to detail is a centerpiece that harmonizes with your celebration and adds that extra special something. I can make a life-size guitar, complete with all the doo-dads. I have hand sculpted everything from an eight point buck to delicate, gumpaste magnolias. I’ve done Hobbit cakes and wedding cakes with zombies. After 25 years of making cakes there is not much I haven’t done and I am continually updating my skills.

A cake may be beautiful to look at but if it’s dry and tasteless the loveliness is soon forgotten. I make every single cake, from scratch, the day before your special event. Since all my cakes are by special order only I have no need to freeze cakes in order to meet an unexpected demand, and so my cakes are fresh, moist, and flavorful. I’ve developed a storehouse of recipes over the years that yield old-fashioned, truly yummy cakes, every time. The flavors, textures, and frosting combinations are endless. The thing I am most proud of is my authentic, Italian meringue icing. If icing has confectioner’s sugar in it then it is decidedly not an authentic buttercream icing. I am the only bakery in town that makes this wonderful icing. Not too sweet, not too heavy and full of real vanilla. It feels so luscious and delicious in your mouth, you’ll never want the other stuff again. Guaranteed!

Last but not least, I am very happy to offer Vegan, Non-Dairy, and Gluten Free cakes in addition to my regular flavors. I am fairly certain I can work around any food allergens or sensitivities you may have. I love to offer this to my clients because,no one should have to be without cake…..ever!!

I am giving away a door prize that every bride is eligible for, a gift certificate worth $50.00 towards your wedding cake for 125 people or more! Please come join us and have fun and eat cake!!

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Deborah’s Specialty Cakes






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